The motherboard is like a circuit board that coordinates the hardware components of your computer and laptop. Both input and output devices are dependent upon the motherboard. It is often termed as a connector for controlling the system parts for proper functioning. It is quite obvious to face one or more hardware problems if something is wrong with the motherboard. It is not possible to work long enough with a bad motherboard. Thus, you will require a motherboard repair expert who can fix this issue quickly. 

Quikfixtechnology Technician has been a one-stop solution for repairing and replacing electronic gadgets. Are you experiencing any problem with your Sony Vaio laptop motherboard? Then reach Quikfix Technician for an immediate way out. Our technicians will check the motherboard and repair it if possible. We will install a new motherboard in case the existing one lies beyond repairs. Not only motherboard but our experts also specialize in repairing mobile phones. Hence, contact us for any mobile repair Dubai

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Motherboard Problems for Sony Vaio Laptop:

People often fail to recognize the motherboard problem due to inadequate technical knowhow. Once you know the symptoms, identifying a faulty motherboard won’t be an issue. Thus, we are listing down the common motherboard problems users face. 

  1. The motherboard is unable to recognize the peripherals plugged into your computer or laptop. 
  2. Peripherals not responding correctly or stop working intermittently. 
  3. The booting process is gradually slowing down. 
  4. Flash drives or monitors are not recognized by the motherboard. 
  5. Strange lines suddenly appear on your computer or laptop screen. 
  6. The motherboard fails to perform Power-on self-test (POST). 
  7. Burning smell or signs of burn marks on the motherboard. 
  8. Leaking capacitors.

Why Do Motherboards Fail?

  • Every computer component including the motherboard is sensitive to heat. As the temperature rises inside the computer, the motherboard wears out. Overheating takes place when users use their laptop for long hours. 
  • The motherboard fails to function when this situation continues for many days. Electrical damage (surge) or sudden shut down of laptop might cause extensive damage to the motherboard. 
  • Long accumulation of dust and debris can be sometimes harmful to the motherboard. 
  • Lighting strike often affects the ethernet port connected to your PC and damages the motherboard. 
  • In some cases, the motherboard automatically fails due to frequent usage. 

iPhone Repair Services You Can Avail From Quikfixtechnology Technician

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Why Quikfix Technician Can Be Your Reliable Service Partner?

Here are the reasons to choose Quikfix Technician over other service providers. 

1. Advanced Technical Facilities

We deploy only highly qualified technicians and train them from time to time. They are certified in dealing with a lot of technical glitches ranging from mobile repair to motherboard repair. Our customer base comprises individuals to corporations. Here experts have experience in fixing devices within record time. 

2. Quality Service And Suggestions

It’s not the fact that Quikfix Technician is available for repair and replacement of electronic devices. You are free to chat with our specialist and take suggestions for fixing problems on your own. Our service platform is round the clock available to record your problems and give you valuable feedback within minutes. We don’t charge our customers for troubleshooting tips. So, you must make the utmost use of this facility. 

3. Affordable Price Quotes

Price becomes the first concerning factor when you think of repairing any device. Motherboards require a higher investment in comparison to other hardware or software components of your system. Similarly iPhone repair Dubai is a costly affair in the category of Mobile Repair Dubai. You will get many repair centres who guarantee to fix your device at a very cheap price. But, don’t trust these service providers since you can get any good parts at such a low price. 

On the other hand, the Quikfix Technician doesn’t mislead its customers when it comes to quality. We try to keep the cost as low as possible. Our objective is to provide durable repairing or replacement parts at a reasonably fair price. People sometimes mistake a minor issue as a motherboard problem. However, we will diagnose the problem and offer you a solution. We will further proceed only if you give your approval. 

On-site Assistance

Quikfix Technician always prefers to impart on-site assistance instead of carrying away the gadget with them. Unlike other service centres, you don’t have to carry the device to the repair. Instead, we will reach your place at your convenient time. After getting a service request, we will contact you and provide the service at your doorstep. There is no extra charge for this doorstep service. 

Guaranteed Service

Local service providers will never provide a guarantee for their service. Moreover, the new parts won’t bear any warranty. Whereas, quikfixtechnology Technician guarantees its service and keeps the door open for customers. The customers can avail a free service in case any problem arises during the guaranteed period. At the same time, the replacement parts have a sufficient warranty period to make value for money. 

Convert Your Satisfaction Into Delight With Quikfix Technician

We are a third-party independent service provider and have no connections with brands or companies listed on the official site of Quikfix Technician. Our 10 years of experience and constant customer satisfaction have helped us to reach this place. Be it a motherboard repair, mobile repair, iPhone repair Dubai, or iPad repair we are there to serve you the best. So, don’t get into a tedious search and connect with us as quickly as possible.