Electronic devices including routers are complex devices. Routers are best supportive devices for accessing the high-speed internet connection and they are available both in wired and wireless states. 

The Etisalat D Link DSL 2750U WiFi router allows you to access the internet at over 300Mbps speed. However, if you go for the ADSL2/2plus standard, then you can enjoy an internet transmission up to 1Mbps upstream and 24Mbps downstream. 

Moreover, the router has four ethernet ports for connecting peripheral devices. Connect the router to a storage device so that others can access it. Furthermore, you get advanced Firewall protection to keep your device free from corrupted websites. 

Users prefer this device due to its 5x faster speed than other routers available in the market. The wireless N interface lets you amplify the router performance as well. Changing routers’ password is one of the common scenarios that bother users. That’s why we are going to discuss the process of Etisalat WiFi password change in the simplest way. 

Etisalat WiFi password change

Factors Affecting Your Etisalat WiFi Password Change?

Routers serve as a gateway to your internet connection. All routers come with a default username and password. Password is the element that secures your router configuration and settings. In case the configurations or settings get changed, your router will be no longer accessible. 

Since the password is a sensitive thing, you need to change that in order to ensure the safety of your device. At the same, it prevents unauthorized access to your router. The default password is always known to everyone. Hence, it is necessary to change it just after buying the router. Otherwise, the router remains unprotected to hackers. 

Do you know that invaders can log in to your router using its default password? Then they will change the password and set up alternate DNS server settings. As a result, they can access your computer/devices and the files saved on it. Moreover, they can inject viruses or malware in your device and use them for illegal purposes. 

It won’t be easy for you to deal with such an unfortunate event. Thus, it’s better to take prevention instead of looking for a solution afterwards. 

Sometimes, users fail to log into their routers with their default passwords. Thus, it becomes necessary to modify the passwords. However, you need to create a strong password that would be easy to recall while required. The password must not be a mixture of random letters and numbers only. It should be such that you can provide the password to your friends, family, or relatives.

How to Fix Etisalat Router Password Not Working?

Each and every device has a particular functional framework. User ID and password are parts of this framework. Every router manufacturer cares about their device security. Thus, they set a default User Id and password as the first layer of protection. The User ID and password depends upon the IP address your router uses. Now, users are supposed to change the default password after buying the router. 

Etisalat WiFi password not working or connecting has been reported as the most encountered issue for Etisalat users. You can simply change your router password in case the default one is causing some issues. Etisalat WiFi password change has been proved to be an effective workaround for fixing password issues. Go through the next section if you are certainly not aware of how to change your router password. 

Steps for Etisalat WiFi Password Change:

Here are the steps that you need to follow for changing your router password. 

  1. In the first step, connect your router to a source of power.
  2. Turn on the router and connect it to the computer or laptop you use. 
  3. Next, power on the system and ensure that it can recognize the router. 
  4. Experts always recommend an ethernet cable over a wireless connection. So, arrange for an ethernet cable in case you don’t have one.
  5. Shut down the system and turn it back on. 
  6. Repeat the above steps for other devices connected to your router. 
  7. A configuration page will appear on your computer screen and you need to locate the Setup Wizard option. 
  8. Then click on the Setup Wizard option in order to expand it. 
  9. Open a web browser, type the IP address of your Etisalat router and press the Enter key. 
  10. As you come across the home page of Etisalat router, navigate to the Control section.
  11. You will find all the settings information related to your router. 
  12. Click the Next button to proceed with the Etisalat WiFi password change process. 
  13. Now, enter the default User ID and password of your router and tap the Login button. 
  14. You are all ready to create the new password for your router. 
  15. Just, enter the password you have created in your mind and click the OK button to apply. 
  16. Log out of your router and close all existing windows. 
  17. Restart both the router and your computer. 
  18. Launch the web browser and enter the IP address of the router. 
  19. Enter the User ID and password to check whether you can access the router or not. 

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Summing Up

Etisalat WiFi password change is not a troublesome task. It will hardly take about a couple of minutes for you to change your router password. If you have followed the above steps, then the password will be changed and you will log in to your router successfully. In case the Etisalat WiFi password change fails, check the antivirus installed on your computer. Also, turn off the Firewall and retry the Etisalat WiFi password change. Make it a routine practice to change your router password every three months. Finally, keep the password in such a safe place from where you can access it easily. So, keep going and ensure your productivity seamlessly.